Aviary Set Up

I currently have two aviaries.

The one to the left houses my Scarlet Chested Parrot, Bourke Parrots, Princess Parrot and Gouldian Finches.

The other houses my Indian Ringneck pair in the left section, my spare Indian Ringneck male in the center section (with chooks) and Green Cheeked Conure pair in the right section.

I have concreted over pavers to provide a floor that is easy to keep clean and keep rodents out. I have also used clear corrugated sheeting over the top of the aviary to provide extra protection from the rain but still allow the sun in.

I use in most cases metal water bowls checked daily and usually changed every second day. 

Feeder containing a parrot or small parrot mix (depending where buy it from) are provided and are always available to the birds however the daily fresh fruits, vegetables, greens and grasses I consider there primary food source.

Fresh branches are placed in each section to provide enrichment and give the birds something to chew.

I clean the floor of the aviary regularly to stop debris building up. I did use quails to help manage this but I have found my chooks 
to be much more proficient at it and they have the added benefits that they controls spiders (without chemicals) and you get eggs.

I keep my cages pad locked as it keeps my boy and other little visitors from inadvertently releasing my birds and although I have no birds of great value it also add security.